Super V   shooting jacket

          Camouflage/Tactical Model

The tactical/ version is based on the standard super V model but incorporates pockets and utlilizes water resistant camouflage fabric. It is not waterproof.

Colours available, Woodland Camo dark, Woodland Camo light. (Woodland dark is pictured)  Mossy Oak Break Up, Mossy Oak Forest Floor

Side mounted pockets have fastex closures and are lined with internal magazine holders.  The side mounted pockets are accessible in the prone, sitting, standing position.

- elbows are padded with top grip rubber ,lined with 1/4 inch foam.  Padded suede pulse dampener and sling retaining loop.                   View our complete line of shooting jackets

Prices on camouflage/tactical models




*shipping costs are extra

Options not pictured

-a rear zippered cargo pocket is available (add $35)

-scrim loops for fastening ghillie suit (add $20)

Olive drab or black canvas models available - not water resistant fabric but very quiet.

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View our complete line of shooting jackets

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