'Ranger' rifle case

This case is one the finest professional grade cases you will find.  It is the choice of many professional adventurers. The 'Ranger' case has been issued to units of the Canadian Rangers. You can find these cases hauling rifles around the Canadian Arctic.  (They received an olive drab model)  The case is padded with 1/2 inch closed cell foam so the case floats even when fully loaded.

The case can be ordered in Black, Woodland camo, Olive Drab, or Ranger Cam (at top of page)

The external pocket carries ammo, binoculars, etc


Everything on the case is built to last.  The zipper has been sewn in by double needle heavy stitching. The rifles muzzle is protected by a pocket in the lining which also prevents the barrel of the rifle from damaging the zipper.


This case fits many standard length rifles including the Remington 700 (pictured).  It also fits the Steyr SSG, FN FAL, AR-15, Browning BBR, Sako Forrester and many others.  Case will hold rifles with an overall length of up to 46 inches.

Other colours can be ordered and cases can be customized with name, crest, insignia embroidered directly on case.


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