Custom Shooting Jacket - Measurement Chart

Note:  measurements should be taken while wearing the clothing that you would normally wear when shooting such as sweatshirts or sweaters.

Add one to Two inches to hips, waist, and chest measurements.  For measurement # 3,4,5, make sure that the arms are held in the position shown on the diagram.  Ensure that all items are filled in. 

Left ____ or Right ______  handed

Height in.  
Weight lbs.  
Neck to Waist 1  
Shoulder Width 2  
Bicep 3  
Upper Arm Length 4  
Lower Arm Length 5  
Chest 6  
Waist 7  
Hips 8  
Length of Jacket 9  

Item 5a.  Let your arms drape down the side of your body. Now what is the measurement from the top of your shoulder(shoulder seam) to your wrist(cuff)?

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(full payment is required on custom made jackets before patterns are cut - delivery takes up to 3 weeks, stock sizes are a faster turn around)

Have you included the colour pattern and options chart?  

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