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The season for indoor air rifle has begun.  If your team needs equipment we'd like to be your supplier.

sells the equipment that rifle teams use:

Shooting Jackets           Folding mats                    Air Rifles




Shooting Hats                  Gloves                            Pellet Match Box


We can outfit your team with well made, regulation gear that can improve your team's appearance, performance and morale.  

The cadet model jacket has become the standard for Canadian Cadets, more than 70% of the competitors at the 2002 national matches wore jackets supplied by Paul Bawden - Marksmans Accessories. (click here to see photos of the nationals)

Custom monogramming including unit insignia is available.


Why equip your rifle team? What does a shooting jacket do?

A well equipped team can foster esprit de corps.  A good shooting jacket can benefit a target shooter in many ways.  A shooting jacket is ergonomically shaped to give support to the shooting position.  It will add comfort by padding the elbows and prevent slipping.  Wearing the same shooting jacket every time gives a shooter a constant frame of reference and gives consistency.  Consistency that is necessary to achieve a high level of performance.  A team equipped with matching jackets can have a psychological advantage over its opposition.  A team with matching jackets bearing the unit insignia can make a real statement of unit pride and representation.  Our shooting mats are padded and have a non-slip rubber elbow area, when matched with the non-slip pads on the jacket a steady position is more easily achieved. 

Why use our equipment?

Firstly, we are shooters and former cadets who love the sport.  Our equipment is made for the best intentions, to further the sport of target shooting.  We have used our experience and the feedback of other shooters to refine our designs and make high function, affordable equipment.  Our jackets, mats, range bags, and rifle cases are all made in Canada, we employ Canadians.  

What if we are new to the sport?  How do we get started?

Air rifle marksmanship across Canada has exploded since every cadet unit received an allotment of Daisy 853C rifles, a very functional and reliable rifle for the money.  It has made the sport accessible to everyone.  The challenge of where to shoot has been overcome by the creative use of many spaces.  Anywhere you can set up the portable backstop and get 10 meters of unobstructed firing space will do.  Gymnasiums, Legions, Warehouses, hallways have all been used by resourceful teams.  One thing for sure, the cadets do enjoy target shooting.  

How much equipment do we need to start?

5-6 shooting jackets of assorted sizes will get a team going.  You can have jackets ranging from size 26 to 42 and cover most youth competitors.  An inventory of 10 shooting jackets will allow even more precise sizing.  If you have a dedicated team then buy jackets in their exact sizes and add to the inventory later as needs arise.

4-5 shooting mats will accommodate a nice sized relay.

Target shooting equipment, jackets, mats and gloves are durable items and can be shared by several team members.  They will last 5-10 years without difficulty and may endure even longer.  An initial expense of funds can keep a team operating for years.

$600 will get your team started,  $2000 will go a very long way!

Over the last several years we have sold equipment to numerous rifle teams across the country.  We have seen resourceful teams get sponsorship from corporations, the Royal Canadian Legion and family businesses.  We have embroidered the sponsors name on back of the jackets.

If you would like a quote on a package deal for your team call us at 519-835-4777 or email us at: paulbawden2@aol.com

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